Please follow the guidelines below to ensure accurate test results.

Xylazine + Fentanyl Combo Test Strip Instructions

  • If the Xylazine and Fentanyl test lines appear, regardless of how faint, the test is negative for both substances.

  • If only the control line appears, the test is positive for both substances.

  • If the Fentanyl line appears but the Xylazine line does not, the test is negative for Fentanyl but positive for Xylazine.

  • If the Xylazine line appears but the Fentanyl line does not, the test is negative for Xylazine but positive for Fentanyl.


In order to ensure accuracy, you should test an even distribution of the substance that will be consumed. Fentanyl could be unevenly distributed throughout the substance. For forensic use only.